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Letter: Haddock Bycatch Limits Essential
New Bedford Standard Times
May 17, 2011

Your recent articles about haddock bycatch limits in the herring fishery miss important points about the New England Fishery Management Council's decisions. First, the five-fold increase in the haddock catch cap that the council voted through is exactly what herring trawl representatives demanded last fall: a technical adjustment to the haddock cap to account for recently increased observer coverage that, not surprisingly, revealed alarming new evidence of haddock bycatch. It is also more than enough haddock to allow for full utilization of the herring quota, according to all available analyses.

Regulate trawling bycatch to protect N.J. river herring

Press of Atlantic City
Letter to the Editor, May 7, 2011

The excellent April 26 article, "River herring could soon be off-limits in New Jersey," about dwindling river herring populations identifies an urgent problem that needs immediate attention: The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council needs to more closely regulate the midwater trawl fishery for mackerel, squid, and ocean herring in federal waters to prevent the bycatch of river herring.

Fishermen and River Herring Advocates Challenge Latest Herring Plan

Press Release, Earthjustice
April 1, 2011

Washington, D.C. — Fishermen and river herring advocates are challenging the government for failing to protect sea herring, river herring, and shad from New England's industrial Atlantic herring fishery.

Midwater herring fleet seeks bump in haddock limits
National Fisherman
April 2011, by Kirk Moore

Stricter monitoring moves forward; some push to cut bycatch allowance

Early slowdowns to 2010 herring area seasons prompted new calls from the midwater trawl sector to reconsider haddock bycatch limits. Still more rules are taking form this year in Amendment 5 to the herring management plan, as the New England Fishery Management Council seeks better catch data and accountability.
Cod, Is it for Dinner?
NOTE: This article focuses on cod, but scroll to the section "Food for Cod" for some herring discussion

Edible Boston
Spring 2011, by Cynthia Graber

In January, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a national arbiter of fish choices for concerned Americans, announced significant changes to its Seafood Watch list. East Coast fisheries—haddock, pollock, summer flounder and even some stocks of cod—slid from the alarming red “Avoid” zone to “Good alternatives.” Hook-and-line-caught Atlantic haddock was even knighted “Best choice.”

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